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Email signature

It took three days and a phone call to AOL Tech Assistance, routed to India, for me to get the signature right on my emails. Halleluyah! that frees me to spend some time on my social networking sites. Let’s see how many did I sign up for?


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I’m all over the map with a bunch of sites I registered for and don’t know how to use any one really well. Today I tried to get going on authorsden and maybe improved my profile a bit. if only I had more time ….

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What a surprise. I found out I have a namesake in France who is on Facebook. I don’t know if this is going to be a problem or not. Maybe they keep countries separate. They must becauseĀ I don’t speak French and don’t know anyone who would be connecting with me here. But then, you never know. I’ll keep you posted.

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